Sunday, January 27, 2013

Guilt Free Pizza!!!

Recipe for a healthy, delicious pizza

Thin or Ultra Thin Mama Mary's Gourmet Pizza Crusts. (2 in package)  I found them at Ingall's FYI
1/4 jar of L.E. Roselli's Pizza Sauce (All Natural) 1/4 cup for each pizza, and this is only 20 calories per pizza!!!
Add any toppings you want, I use mostly fresh veggies, because I am trying my best to eat healthier, so here's what I put on mine.  
Fresh spinach
Fresh tomato, cut in slices and then those cut into halves
Fresh bell pepper
Fresh purple onion
Black olives (one small can will cover 2 pizzas)
Pepperoni Minis OR Turkey Pepperoni (you can control calorie count with this too if you so desire)
Fresh mushrooms
Sliced jalapeno peppers (just because I love a little spice and peppers are known to speed metabolism
2% Mozzarella Cheese (You also control the calories per pizza with this)  

These pizzas take less than 10 minutes to bake, and they taste better than ANY pizza place I've eaten at.  Well, other than New York City.  They make fresh pizza unlike any I've ever had!!!  



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