Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tracking My 90 Day Journey With P90X!

Day 2 of my 90 Day P90X and I decided to blog about it to keep up with my progress.  Day 1 I went all in and did the jump training (plyometrics) because it is my favorite workout.  It's also tough!  I also got in 4 miles in 1 a lot of work to do on that! 

Day 2 I did the arms and shoulders, and also got in a 3 1/2 mile walk.  That was a little tougher today, did it outside and the temps were already rising.  Got it done though!  Already feeling a burst of energy, so much so that I got alot of home organizing done, mowed my yard until it started raining. 

Feeling some soreness in my legs, don't remember having before when I drank the recovery drink, so in the a.m. I am going to order another tub of that!  I actually love the taste, and it helps with the soreness you feel in the first days of your workouts.  I cannot wait until I begin to see the progress of my hard work!

If you would like to order any P90X products, go to my website at: 

To keep myself accountable and to be able to buy my fitness products at a discount, I have become a coach for Team Beachbody!  It is giving me the support of other people who are also on this journey to a healthier lifestyle and I can track my progress through my website as well, and share it with others. 



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