Friday, March 30, 2012

I Love Spring!!!

I have always been creative when it comes to flower gardening.  The green thumb comes from my grandparents, who are no longer with us, but live on in my heart, nonetheless.  My "MawMaw" Pearl was the flower guru, and my "PawPaw" Herman ALWAYS had a garden that was so big and you could find almost any veggie you could name in it!

One of my herb planters~

Spending so much time with them as a youngster, I took for granted what has now come to be some of my most treasured memories.  My MawMaw had so many perennials planted everywhere, but she had this huge blue/purple hydrangea that was our favorite.  She would let us clip the blooms off and put them in a glass of water to take home.   She also had a couple of Camellia shrubs that were on each side of the front porch.  I can still see them today in my mind...she loved them, and as a little girl, so did I! 

Reminder of my MawMaw~

On Sunday, April Fool's Day, my MawMaw would have been 88 years old.  I can be out flower shopping, and wonder, what she would buy.  I can be planting a flower garden, and I will wonder, what would SHE put together?  She has been gone for over 5 years...but she is still very much alive in my heart and in my mind...she used to tell me, "You are my oldest grandchild, and I love all of you the same, but there is something about the 1st one that makes you a little different."  I don't know that kind of love yet...but I hope to experience it someday with grandchildren of my own. 

To one of the most important women ever in my life...Lillie Pearl Coggins...Happy Birthday in Heaven, I know the angels are laughing with you, nobody can be around you and NOT laugh!  I miss you and I love you to Heaven!  I'll see you again someday! 

My Day "Lillies"

My front door greeter for Spring!

Another shot of my beautiful Day "Lillies" from Summer 2011

Spring 2012~


  1. Your day lillies are STUNNING! I am totally jealous! Gardening is one of my love is life and your herbs are so lush! Good job!
    I am now following your blog!
    Check mine out if you can and follow, Thanks <3

  2. Thank you Cassidy! Flower gardening is one of my passions! And those daylillies started with just a few singles...can you believe how amazing they are? I cannot wait to take pictures this summer when they start blooming again. And the herbs, I plant those every year on my deck and they thrive! Always make pots of them every Spring! Love the way my kitchen smells of herbs in the summer months!
    I will be following your blog too! Thanks again!