Monday, April 9, 2012

Jewelry Inspired By Nature~

As a woman who loves the outdoors, whether it be the beach or on a hiking expedition with my husband, I am finding that more and more of my jewelry designs are following that very latest creation is one of the hottest trends out there right now.  "Twig" jewelry.  After researching it awhile, I finally came across a woman who's work I fell in love with!  She cast my twigs in sterling silver, and I have added the cable chain so that it can be adjusted to the perfect length of either 16" or 18". 

To add to the beauty and sentimental value of this beautiful piece of jewelry, I add tiny Swarovski crystals in birthstones of family members.  You can add parents, children, grandchildren, any combination of the crystals that you wish.  What a precious Mother's Day gift this would make for any woman, but especially a woman who loves nature! 

If you are interested in one of my Twig creations, please contact me at and I can give you any details you need on this gorgeous piece!  I won't have but a handful of reserve yours now! 

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