Sunday, February 12, 2012

Perfecting My Craft~

One of the most gratifying things about my love of beading jewelry, is making things that other people want to buy.  People who love your work enough that they are willing to pay for it, makes me want to be better at what I do, "perfecting my craft", as they say. 

Often times, I will put something together on my beading tray, and leave it.  Sometimes it will be there for days.  I won't put it together until I feel sure someone is going to be happy with the investment they make in my jewelry.  I firmly believe that my business will grow and be blessed more by me taking the time and energy to perfect each piece of jewelry, so that it is valued, and that person will buy from me again, whether it be something I have already made, or a special order gift. 

THIS is my calling.  I enjoy looking for ways to perfect my craft.  Whether it's a beading class, books and magazines about jewelry making, I am ALWAYS learning.  And, I am enjoying the process!    I began this journey making bracelets for my daughter and myself.  That has now branched out into making pretty things for women everywhere!  I have truly stepped outside of my box, and I am allowing God to work in my life through my jewelry. 

Spring around here will be blooming and blossoming with lots of jewelry from things all around me that inspire.  Stay tuned! 



 One of my daughters beautiful friends, Ally and her Live, Laugh, Bead treasure.  :)
Taylor Grace and her MiMi's bracelet.  Love of jewels starts early, huh? 


  1. You are very talented!! Your pieces are beautiful!!

  2. Hi - I'm here from Exposure 99% Weekday Blog Hop and looking forward to taking part regularly. You work is really lovely. Hope you have a good week.

  3. I like your work. I wish i had time to do beading. new follower from the make my morning blog hop. would love a follow back

    1. Thanks for the sweet comments! I am now following you ladies too! Have a blessed week!